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The country known as the Land of Morning Calm is
Do neon lights have glass that is not colored, but has phosphors that emit a particular color?


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  • Vijay Diwas is celebrated on what date every year?
  • Who is Author of Book: finding a voice-asian women in britain ?
  • Please explain the "Wagon Wheel Effect." How can the wheel appear to move forward, then backward, then stop, just by viewing it differently?
  • Who is Author of Book: kore kagaz ?
  • Recently parliament passed a bill on 17th December 2008, which seeks to welfare of unorganised workers. What is the name of the bill?
  • Who was Pythagoras?
  • Where is a sumo wrestling tournament held
  • Where did the mutineers of the Bounty settle
  • Every 12 seconds in USA someone does what in a Holiday Inn
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